Our program integrates music— choral singing, performing arts, theater, music, dance, visual media, literary arts and history—-with core curricula designed to improve academic achievement, self-confidence and social support. MEMA seeks to strengthen both the affective and cognitive areas of learning by integrating the teaching of values, character building, self-awareness, positive self-esteem, and critical thinking skills into the curriculum through the framework of an integrated music-arts program. We aim to foster a student’s appreciation of our multicultural society, so they explore, understand and embrace diversity in order to overcome cross-cultural prejudice, respect tolerance, and preserve and shape their own identity and culture. We encourage students to develop a clear idea of what they want to accomplish in life, and guide them in achieving their personal ambitions. MEMA will bring about this goal by using music as a tool to provide creative educational opportunities outside of the traditional academic framework.

PYE Global

PYE – Partners for Youth Empowerment is an international charity that partners with communities around the world to activate the creative potential of young people and adult mentors. For over 15 years, PYE leaders have provided training and support to individuals and organizations to lead creativity-based transformative programs for young people and adults through a proven methodology called the Creative Community Model.  For more information about the Creative Community Model click here.

PYE is currently partnering with individuals and organizations working in the Uganda, South Africa, India, Brazil, the UK, US and Canada. Over the next several years we plan to expand our work by identifying key partners in new regions.

The European Graduate School:

M.A. in Expressive Arts Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding

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