Academic Research

Music and Arts in Action 

The journal Music and Arts in Action (MAiA) emerges from international, cross-disciplinary work that takes a wider, holistic approach in researching the dynamic role of music and the arts in social life and cultural experience. Cutting-edge work in this area considers how aesthetic experiences and artistic forms are unconsciously, semi-consciously and actively used by individuals and groups to structure social relations, situations, environments and action. Simply put, how, when and where do music and art do something, how do music and art matter?

Music and Conflict Resolution: Exploring the Utilization of Music in Community Engagement

Mindy Kay Johnston; Thesis for Master of Science in Conflict Resolution; Portland Street University; 2010

Arts and the Prosocial Impact Study: Program Characteristics and Prosocial Effects

Prepared by the nonprofit institution RAND[1] for the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, uses a quantitative approach in arts intervention research. By specifically using quantitative research methods to gauge which Los Angeles area arts intervention programs were successful and why, in comparison to programs that were not, RAND produced quantitative results giving merit to their theoretical conclusions.

Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation

Within a broad-based, multidimensional approach to Conflict Transformation, youth and educational work is a cross-cutting challenge. It should feed into many fields of activity (e.g. health care, media work, labour market policy, etc.), especially during phases of conflict latency and in post-conflict situations.

This article examines the theoretical and conceptual debate about the teaching of peace and conflict resolution skills. No off-the-shelf solutions can be formulated. On the contrary, peace education faces complex and even contradictory challenges. For example, the tension between individual behavioural patterns at micro level and social policy actions at macro level cannot be dismantled.

[1] The Rand Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis.

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