Music Intervention


What is a music intervention?

Here on this blog, music intervention takes upon an open form suggesting that there are multiple ways music education is utilized to contribute to the development of children and youth in society through the acts of performing, learning, and teaching music. Not only is this a possibility, but it is as well a grassroots development currently spreading throughout the world in locations of conflict, post-conflict, and systemic injustice under the calling of peacebuilding education, critical pedagogy of the oppressed, youth empowerment, amongst others.

The reason why we take an open form approach to the idea of music intervention is in recognition of how ideas evolve over time; depending on how they are used in practice or within their context, its meaning will change, in addition to perhaps taking upon new meanings.  We must be open to these possibilities as we navigate theory and practice. 

Music is a creative and interactive process where additional skills, such as peacebuilding, coexistence, coresistence, solidarity, and nonviolent communication, can also be learned and taught with and through music teaching and learning.  There are many ways to do this, and by no means will we ever finish discovering new and renewing methods in which to do this. Broadly though, a music intervention includes:

  • Teaching, learning, performance of music of any kind from any place, though contextualized to a community, group, or space
  • Affects our multifaceted identities in personal, inter-group, and communal settings
  • Form of self-expression of stories, ideas, and emotions
  • If utilized in a critical stance, can cultivate people-to-people diplomacy, and raise  critical consciousness

As much as the idea of a music intervention is a process that should happen holistically, there are certain conditions that can be put into action by educator, and student, performer and audience member, to facilitate in the deepening of understanding, ideas, and overall transformation from what is impossible to what is possible. 

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