Music Intervention in Practice

There are a handful of grassroots music intervention programs throughout the world that are steadily gaining more acclaim as the idea of partnering music and social activism have become more accepted. Each organization, with the majority identifying as nonprofits and the minority identifying as non-profits conjoined with for-profits, involves a level of citizen diplomacy[1] as a function in their operations.

The younger institutions of this group have a tendency to use trial and error in capacity building and program development. This is one of the many reasons why more research is needed on this subject matter to provide a more systematized, sustainable structure for these organizations to insure as much positive prosocial effect as possible. There is also debate as to whether its best for an institution to choose non-profit status verses choosing non-profit status conjoined with for-profit status.

Non-profits focus at least a fourth of their time on fundraising, grant writing, campaigns, and donor relations, leaving less time than desirable to develop and expand the actual program. Some non-profits become dormant from year to year if the necessary funds for operation are not secured. On the other hand, conjoining non-profit status with for-profit status can perhaps convolute the message of the organization in the eyes of the public. As well, it takes true creativity to pinpoint what aspects of a youth empowerment program will generate a strong monetary stream that then can be recycled back into the non-profit to keep it in operation.

[1] Citizen diplomacy is the concept of everyday citizens engaging with other citizens in order to foster relations and solve issues pertinent to both parties involved.

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