About Me

Shoshana Gottesman is a musician activist and educator who devotes her time to the exploration and development of musical spaces as locations for youth-led conflict transformation in settings of systemic injustice, conflict, and post-conflict.

She graduated from the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music in 2010 with a focus on music performance, international studies, and public relations.  Studying the violin from the age of six and transferring to the viola at the age of 21, Shoshi has studied with members of the Houston Symphony, the Bergnozi String Quartet, and the Daedalus Quartet. As well, she has participated in numerous festivals, including Eastern Music Festival, Texas Music Festival, American Festival for the Arts, the New York University Chamber Music Festival, and Jerusalem Academy of Music’s Summer Festival for Strings.

While an undergraduate, Shoshana co-founded and co-chaired the student group Jews and Muslims (JAM) which received acceptance to the Clinton Global Initiative, co-organized a Sounds of Faith production, and co-organized a local student conference looking at pluralistic visions in interfaith relations and within the Middle East.

Shoshana has also worked behind the scenes of music nonprofits as an intern for The Houston Symphony (2007), The Jerusalem Music Center (2008), and the Opus 118 Harlem School of Music (2009). As well, she was a ghostwriter for the Hand in Hand Israeli-Israeli/Arab Schools (2008) and a local coordinator for Mejdi Tours (2011).

Shoshana’s experience as an educator and teacher in local and international contexts has included teaching at the KIPP Star Middle School in West Harlem (2012-2013), the Young Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra Summer Series (2008), the Cultures in Harmony music festival for youth in Tunisia (2010, 2013, 2014, 2016), and Heartbeat, The YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus, and Nawa Music Center. Shoshana has enjoyed performance opportunities in the United States, Tunisia, France, and Jerusalem.

Shoshana graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University in May 2014 receiving a M.A. in International Educational Development with a focus on peacebuilding and human rights education all through the lens of music education. She currently works for Heartbeat in educational programming, curriculum development, communications, and development, in addition to The YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus as a curriculum writer-facilitator, and The Nawa Music Center as a violin/viola teacher. Finally, she is the co-producer of the album, “The Road is Made By Walking,” which is a cooperative, international act of co-creation by educators, musicians, and artists from over six countries, including Israel, Palestine, Jordan, United States, India, and Iran.

Most recently, Shoshana presented at the Cultural Diversity in Music Education Conference in June 2015, the Arts Without Borders? Conference in October 2016, and the New Directions Conference “Musicking Equity: Enacting social justice through music education” in February 2017.

Finally, she published, Hear and Be Heard: Learning with and Through Music
as a Dialogical Space for Co-Creating Youth Led Conflict Transformation” in the Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy international journal in March 2017 and “On Nationalism, Pluralism, and Educators Actively Questioning Our Identities” in the Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis in April 2017.

Her resume is available upon request. 

To contact her, please email: shoshibee@gmail.com

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